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Musical Mermaid Puppet Party:
A DIY Guide for Bookstores and Teachers

Robin Riding sings her Mermaids Fast Asleep Lullaby, and the children perform to the song with their puppets .

Download the event guide above for a do-it-yourself Musical Mermaid Puppet Party. Download the sheet below for more info on booking Robin Riding for your school or bookstore.

Author Appearances Info

Puppet Shows and Creative Workshops for Children featuring Robin Riding, author, educator and performer

• Robin Riding sings her picture book, Mermaids Fast Asleep, with musical accompaniment. 
• The performance of the lullaby can be extended with a group-particpation puppet show. 
• Customized events from 20 minutes to 1 hour.
• Activities are tailored for the ages of the children.

Creative Movement – Ages 2 and up
• Children “swim” to the music, as mermaids and sea creatures, and “go to sleep” at the bottom of the sea
• Guided group puppetry (puppets provided) 

Art Projects – Ages 4 and up
• Color and create paper puppets (template provided)
• Undersea watercolor scenes using crayon resist

Poetry Writing – Ages 8 and up
• Talk about undersea creatures and what they do
• Write new verses for the song
• Perform the verses together

Mermaid Lullaby

Mermaids Fast Asleep – The Lullaby
By Robin Riding
Produced by Liesl Lee

Enjoy this relaxing, hypnotic bedtime song. It’s slow and beautifully haunting.
I dare you to listen and stay awake.

This is the first demo version of the lullaby. I plan to add more vocal tacks over the next month or so. I’ll be posting the updated versions here.

Mermaid Stick Puppets

Download the free PDF containing artwork and instructions for all four puppets shown above.